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Store collection

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Bottles & Closures

Bottling your beer gives it a really professional look. Amber bottles are preferred as they stop the beer from being affected by UV light (a process called skunking, which can make your beer taste and smell unpleasant), however green or clear glass can also be used, so long as you store your beer in the dark.

Crown caps are the traditional way of sealing beer bottles and are easy to apply with either a hand or bench capper. Grolsch-style swing-top bottles are very popular and don't require any tools, although the seals should be inspected regularily and replaced when they start to perish. 

500ml Amber Swing-top bottle (15)
Grolsch-Style Swing top bottles
500ml Brown Glass Bottles (15)
Glass, amber bottles, for beer or cider
Bag in a box (vinotainer / polypin) 10 litre
Heavy-duty polythene bag in box with serving tap
Bag in a box (vinotainer / polypin) 5 litre
Heavy-duty polythene bag in box with serving tap
Bench / Stand Capper
Free-standing, lever-operated capper with height adjustment
Bottle Drainer
Bottle stand to enable easy bottle draining after cleaning
Bottle Rinser (Ferrari)
Bottle rinser for use with Ferrari bottle drainer.
Product is currently unavailable
Coopers 500ml PET Bottles (24)
Plastic, amber bottles for beer or cider
Crafty Fox Carbonation Drops (80)
The simplest way to add priming sugar to individual bottles
Crown caps - 26mm (100)
100 26mm crown caps for beer and cider bottles. Various colour options
Hammer Capper
Very basic capper, place over crown cap and hit with a hammer to seal!
Hand capper (EMILY)
High-quality hand capper
Little Bottler Complete
Tap and bottling stick for rapid and mess-free bottling
Spare 500ml PET Bottle Caps (25)
Replacement caps, with tamper-proof seal for 500ml PET bottles