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Store collection

We are now offering a store collection service, simply place your order online (minimum £5) and select store collection at the checkout. We will then pick your items and keep them for you, until you are ready to collect.

Wine Bottles

Our range of wine bottles is suitable for all your home made wine. White wine can go in any coloured glass, but green bottles should be used for red wine, to stop UV light affecting the colour.

Sparkling or champagne-style wines must only be put in the appropriate style bottle which is able to withstand the pressure and sealed with a crown cap or champagne cork with cage. Do not use ordinary bottles for sparkling wines as they are liable to explode and can be extremly dangerous!.

750ml Clear Glass Wine Bottle (15)
Clear glass wine bottles for white and Rosé wine
750ml Green Glass Wine Bottle (15)
Green glass wine bottles for red wine
Bag in a box (vinotainer / polypin) 10 litre
Heavy-duty polythene bag in box with serving tap
Bag in a box (vinotainer / polypin) 5 litre
Heavy-duty polythene bag in box with serving tap
Bottle Drainer
Bottle stand to enable easy bottle draining after cleaning
Little Bottler Complete
Tap and bottling stick for rapid and mess-free bottling