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Brewing Sugar & Enhancers

Most single-can beer kits require sugar to be added (usually around 1kg) and while you can use household table sugar (sucrose), you will get a much more pleasant flavour using brewing sugar (dextrose).

Beer kit enhancer, or BKE, is a mixture of dextrose and malt extract, which will give you better head retention, as well as improved body and flavour, compared to sugar or dextrose. However, brewing sugar is ideal for priming your bottles or barrel for secondary fermentation.

Beer Kit Enhancer (1kg)
Gives your beer more body and a better head, compared to just using sugar
Brewing Sugar (1kg)
A dextrose sugar, suitable for beer, wine, spirits and cider making
Crafty Fox Carbonation Drops (80)
The simplest way to add priming sugar to individual bottles
Lactose (500g)
Adds sweetness to stouts and porters