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Store collection

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Caps & Seals

Most beer bottles can be sealed with crown caps, although some breweries use bottles with unusual necks, which will require the use of a bench capper, or hammer capper. All our beer bottles can be sealed using a hand capper. 

There are three main types of capping tool. Hand cappers have two fold-down arms and use hand pressure to crimp the cap onto the bottle and are suitable for a standard 40-pint brew. Hammer cappers consist of a metal bell, which fits over the cap, and you then hammer this on top of the bottle. They are suitable for small batches. 

Bench cappers are deluxe capping tools, enabling you to quickly cap large numbers of bottles. Some have replaceble bells, enabling you to use the larger 29mm crown caps, for use on champagne bottles and some foreign-style beer bottles.

Reseals are plastic tops which can be reused.


Bench / Stand Capper
Free-standing, lever-operated capper with height adjustment
Crown caps - 26mm (100)
100 26mm crown caps for beer and cider bottles. Various colour options
Grolsch-Style Flip Top Washers
Replacement rubber sealing washers for Grolsch-style flip tops
Hammer Capper
Very basic capper, place over crown cap and hit with a hammer to seal!
Hand capper (EMILY)
High-quality hand capper