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Sodium Percarbonate - No rinse cleaner & Sanitiser (1kg)

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Price: £9.00
Manufacturer: Neale's Brewing Supplies


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Sodium Percarbonate is a no-rinse cleaner & sanitiser, suitable for use with all your home brewing equipment. Once mixed with warm water, the product forms Hydrogen Peroxide which has an oxygen bleaching effect, removing stains and organic matter, such as yeast residue and then sanitising exposed surfaces. Over time, Sodium Percarbonate breaks down into oxygen and water, so there is no need to rinse the product. In order to effectively sanitise, surfaces must be free from all organic material.

Usage instructions: mix at the rate of 1 teaspoon (5g) per litre into hot or very warm water. Use at a higher concentration for heavily-soiled items. Do not reuse or store. Do not put diluted product into a sealed container. See label for safety information.