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Hop Pellets

Hop Pellets
Hop pellets are whole hops which have been milled to a fine powder and then extruded and pelletised. During the milling process, the lupulin sacks, which contain the sought-after hop oils, rupture, releasing the oils. The oils both bind the pellets together and coat the outside of the pellet, helping to protect the pellets from oxidation, so they last longer.

Hop pellets have several advantages over whole hops. They have a much larger surface area and the oils are already released, increasing utilisation by 10-20%, so consequently, less pellets are needed. Pellets will also readily sink, rather than sit on top of the wort, again increasing their effectiveness. Whole hops act like a sponge, soaking up a large volume of the wort, whereas this is not an issue with pellets.

Some brewers don't like to use pellets in the boil, as they believe that they won't be able to filter them out properly. However, all you need to do is to set up a whirlpool in the wort at flame-out, by stirring the wort in a single direction for a minute or two, until a whirlpool forms. Put a lid on the kettle and leave for 20 minutes, after which you will find that the pellets have settled into a cone at bottom of the kettle.
Ahtanum - hop pellets (100g)
Floral & citrus, with pine notes. Dual-purpose hop. Alpha: 3.6%
Amarillo - hop pellets (100g)
Spicy, floral & citrus dual-purpose hop. Alpha: 7.4%
Aramis - Hop Pellets (100g)
This French hop is perfect for Saisons & Belgian beers. Alpha: 7.9%
Cascade - hop pellets (100g)
A floral hop,smooth spicy bitterness, citrus aroma. Alpha: 6.9%
Centennial - Hop Pellets (100g)
Huge citrus aroma Alpha: 10.5%
Chinook - hop pellets (100g)
Fantastic pine & grapefruit aroma, good bittering, suits Pale Ales. 11% Alpha
Citra - Hop pellets (100g)
Bursting with citrus aroma; lime. grapefruit, gooseberry, etc. Alpha: 13.8%
Columbus hop pellets (100g)
Dual purpose, subtle citrus, woody, resinous. Alpha: 16.5%
Fantasia - Hop Pellets (100g)
Fruity with noble aroma, cream & caramel notes. Alpha: 4.3%
Fuggles - Hop Pellets (100g)
A famous English aroma hop. Earthy, minty, delicate. 4.98% Alpha
Goldings (East Kent) - hop pellets (100g)
A sweet, floral hop pellet, perfect for adding aroma. Alpha: 6%
Mosaic - Hop Pellets (100g)
Tropical fruit, citrus, herbal, pine. Alpha: 12%
Nelson Sauvin - Hop Pellets (100g)
Fresh gooseberry aroma & flavour Alpha: 11%
Saaz - Hop Pellets (100g)
This Czech hop is perfect for Pilsner-style beers and lagers. Alpha: 3.1%
Simcoe - Pellet hops (100g)
Dual purpose hop with pine-like aroma. 11% Alpha
Summit - Pellet hops (100g)
Dual purpose hop, with citrus, grapefruit aroma. 16.8% Alpha
Vic Secret - Hop Pellets (100g)
Fruit salad & a little pine resin Alpha: 15.7%
Willamette - Hop Pellets (100g)
Delicate blackcurrant & herbal aromas. Alpha: 5.2%