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Dried Rose Hips (500g)

Dried Rose Hips
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Dried rose hips can be used in any recipe where rose hips are required, however, as they have been dried, you will need a smaller quantity. Why not make dried rose hip wine?

Dried rose hip wine (makes 1 gallon / 4.5 litres)

  • 500g dried rose hips
  • 1 teaspoon citric acid
  • 1kg sugar
  • Super yeast compound
  • water to 1 gallon
How to make:

Soak the rose hips in half a litre of water for 12-24 hours, then using a blender, mince finely. In a 5 litre fermentation vessel, add the minced rose hips to the sugar and citric acid, then pour on 3 litres of boiling water. Stir the mixture until all the sugar has dissolved. Cover and allow to cool to 20-25°C, then add the super yeast compound. Fit the lid and airlock, and allow the mixture to ferment at 20°C for 10 days, stirring daily.

After 10 days, strain the mixture into a demijohn, topping up with cooled, boiled water, to 4.5 litres (the bottom of the neck). Fit a bung and airlock and allow to ferment out.

Once fermentation has completed and the wine has started to clear, rack off into a clean, sterilised demijohn. Allow the wine to mature for a further three to six months, before bottling.