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Premium Beer Kits

These premium kits consist of two cans (sometimes called toucans!) of concentrated malt extract (wort). The kits generally contain 3kg of malt extract, plus instructions and a packet of yeast, so all you need to do is add the water. 

As these kits contain twice the malt extract of the budget kits, no extra sugar is required although if you want to increase the alcohol content, you could add some extra malt extract (either un-hopped liquid or dried extract). However, adding too much extra will change the flavour and character of the beer, so use sparingly.

While these premium kits produce extremly good beer as they are, experimenting with different yeasts, dry-hopping or using a hop-tea can all result in some very interesting tweaks to the original flavour. See our FAQ section for more information on these techniques.

Courage Directors (36-pints)
Traditional British strong Bitter, deep brown with a spicy orange finish
Festival Belgian Dubble (36 pints)
A sweet, dark malty ale with dried fruit & chocolate notes
Festival Belgian Pale Ale (40 pints)
A sweet, malty ale with spicy yeast character
Festival Father Hooks Best Bitter (40 pints)
Big malt character with orange marmalade tones!
Festival Golden Stag Summer Ale (40 pints)
A golden ale bursting with citrus flavour
Festival Landlords Finest Bitter (40 pints)
A classic pale ale, subtle fruit, biscuit malt and earthy undertones
Festival New Zealand Pilsner (40 pints)
Golden Pilsner with a spicy, fruity finish
Festival Pilgrim's Hope (40 pints)
Sweet malt balanced by bitterness with tropical fruit and pine flavours
Festival Pride Of London Porter (40 pints)
Dark, full-bodied with chocolate and roasted malt flavour
Festival Razorback IPA (40 pints)
A strong, highly-hopped pale ale
Festival Summer Glory (40 pints)
A light-copper ale, with a unique floral character
Festival US Steam Beer (40 pints)
Toffee & Caramel, with a herbal hop aroma
St Peter's Cream Stout (36 pints)
Dark, aromatic, chocolaty stout
St Peter's Golden Ale (36 pints)
A light, golden ale, similar in character to a Czech lager
St Peter's IPA (32 pints)
A robust, dark IPA, with a full-bodied flavour
St Peter's Ruby Red Ale (40 pints)
A tawny ale, with a spicy hop aroma
Tiny rebel - Cwtch (36 pints)
Champion Beer of Britain now in kit form
Youngs American IPA (40 pints)
Full, dry bitterness with huge pine & grapefruit aroma
Youngs American Mocha Porter (30 pints)
Porter with rich chocolate & coffee notes
Youngs American Pale Ale (40 pints)
Copper-coloured, biscuit tones & citrus aroma
Youngs New World Saison (40 pints)
A light-gold, fruity, Belgian-style beer with NZ hops