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Store collection

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Single-Can Kits

Single can beer kits contain between 1.5kg and 1.8kg of concentrated malt extract (wort), instructions and a packet
of yeast. 

Single-can kits usually require the addition of 1kg of sugar, but please see the product description for the exact
amount needed.

While you can use any sugar, we recommend that you use brewing sugar (dextrose) for a better flavour. For the very best results, a brew kit enhancer (BKE) or malt extract (either dried or liquid) will give your beer better head retention, flavour and body. Brewing sugar, BKE and malt extract can be used on a one for one basis, so if the kits requires 1kg sugar, you can substitute 1kg of malt extract.

To make these kits even better, why not experiment with adding extra hops, using either a hop-tea or dry-hopping method? You can find out more about both these techniques in our FAQ section.

Coopers English Bitter (40 pints)
A coppery-red bitter, with a creamy head and sweet-toasted malt flavour
Coopers Stout (40 pints)
A delicious, dark, full-bodied stout
John Bull Best Bitter (40 pints)
A quality beer, full of bitter, malty loveliness!
John Bull IPA (40 pints)
A classic hoppy and pale beer.
John Bull Lager (40 pints)
A pleasing, golden, refreshing beer
Simply Bitter (40 pints)
An amber beer, with caramel and fruit flavours and dry bitterness.
Simply Brown Ale (40 pints)
Brown ale with rich full malty caramel and chocolate flavour
Simply Export Stout (40 pints)
A rich, but smooth stout, with dark chocolate and roasted malt character.
Simply Gluten- Free Pale Ale (40 pints)
A light, hoppy & fruity, Gluten-free pale ale.
Simply Lager (40 pints)
A tasty and easy-to-make lager
Simply Mild (40 pints)
A smooth dark malty ale with hints of stone fruit and raisins
Simply Pale Ale (40 pints)
A light, but hoppy and fruity pale ale.