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Store collection

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Corkers and capping tools

Wine bottle corks can be inserted using a hand corking tool, which is suitable for small numbers of wine bottles. 

For larger volumes, such as when making a 30-bottle wine kit, we recommend either the 2-handled corker or a bench corker.

Champagne bottles can be sealed with crown caps, but your capping tool must be able to crimp 29mm caps.

Bottle Drainer
Bottle stand to enable easy bottle draining after cleaning
Bottle filling stick
Bottling stick for rapid and mess-free bottling
Bottle Rinser (Ferrari)
Bottle rinser for use with Ferrari bottle drainer.
Hand Corker
Two-piece corker for inserting corks by hand
Little Bottler Complete
Tap and bottling stick for rapid and mess-free bottling
Two-handled Auto Corker
Two-handled corker for fitting corks to wine bottles