10 litre Fermentation vessel

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These Fermentation vessels are made of food-grade plastic, have graduation markings and come complete with a lid. They can be used to brew beer, cider or wine.

Fermentation vessels should be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent, or a cleaner suitable for home brewing equipment, rinsed well with tap water and sterilised before each use. Do not use abrasive chemicals or cleaning pads, as they can scratch the plastic, enabling dirt or bacteria to accumulate, which could infect your home brew.

Please note that while these fermentation vessels are graduated, this is a rough guide only. For accuracy, we suggest you properly graduate your fermentation vessel, by weighing jugs of water (1 litre of cold water weighs 1kg), and marking off each measured litre. Weighing is the only reliable way of measuring the water volume, as the markings on jugs are also not generally very accurate!



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