5-litre starter pack

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This starter pack contains all the equipment you need to make 6 bottles (1 gallon / 4.5 litres) of wine or spirits. You can either make your own wines using fruit, vegetables or flowers, or buy one of our 6-bottle wine or spirit kits. All equipment is reusable, although the sterilsing powder will of course need to be replaced over time. If making wine from grapes, fruit, etc. you will need yeast, campden tablets, etc.
Pack contents:
  •     2x 5 litre fermentation buckets with lids
  •     Hydrometer
  •     Airlock (may differ from that shown) & airlock grommet
  •     Cleaner & steriliser
  •     1.5m siphon tube
  •     Rigid siphon tube with sediment trap
  •     LCD thermometer



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