Beaverdale Merlot - 6 bottle kit

Full-bodied red wine, with soft plum and black currant
Beaverdale kits contain high-quality grape juice and make very good wines. This Merlot kit produces 6 bottles of full-bodied red wine, with soft plum and black currant flavours. This premium-quality kit contains 1.5 litres of high-quality grape juice concentrate, so no extra sugar is required for fermentation. Contains a sachet of oak chips to give a high level of tannin. This kit takes 3-4 weeks and includes full instructions and all the required additives; all you need to do is add the water.
Equipment you will need to make this wine kit:
  •     1 gallon/4.5 litre fermentation vessel or Demijohn
  •     Steriliser
  •     Siphoning kit
  •     6 wine bottles with corks or other closures
  •     Hydrometer

Also suggested: Second fermentation vessel for racking, bottling stick, shrink capsules, hand or bench corker.

Please note that while the instructions state that this wine is ready to drink immediately after bottling, it will benefit enormously from being allowed to mature for at least a month and preferably two months, before drinking. In fact, the longer you leave it, the better it will get, although it probably won't improve noticeably after six months. Maturing can be done after bottling, but if you have a glass demijohn, then bulk maturing under an airlock, will give even better results.



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Weight 3kg
Type Red
Size 6 bottle