Demijohns (DJs) are the traditional container for making wine at home. Demijohns always used to be made of glass and held one imperial gallon (4.5 litres / 6 bottles of wine), however, there are now plastic demijohns as well, which hold 5 litres.

Plastic demijohns have the advantage that they are much lighter, less fragile and have slightly higher capacity than glass ones, as well as being cheaper. However, it is often difficult to get a good seal with a plastic demijohn, so airlock activity may be reduced. In addition, the PET plastic used is permeable to oxygen, so while they are absolutely fine for fermenting your wine, they are not suitable for bulk aging, where the wine may sit in the demijohn for many months. If you are making country wines that require a long maturing period, we recommend fermenting in a plastic demijohn, then racking (transferring) the wine to a glass demijhon once fermentation has stopped and the wine has been stabilised.

Carboys are much larger fermentation vessels, typically holding 5 gallons (23 litres or 30 bottles of wine). They have also traditionally been made of glass, although plastic ones are also available. Due to the size and weight of these, we are only able to offer them on a collection basis.