Glass Demijohn (1 gallon) - Second hand

Please note that as we are currently unable to source any new demijohns, we have a small number of second-hand ones available, which are in pristine condition.

Glass demijohns are the traditional way of brewing wine at home, but can also be used for small batches of beer. These jars have a capacity of 1 gallon (4.5 litres), so are perfect for the 6-bottle wine kits as well as the 1 gallon beer brews, although they can be used to ferment anything in 1-gallon batches. Glass is impervious to oxygen so these demijohns are ideal for bulk maturing wine over long periods of time. Demijohns are supplied without bungs, so check out the bungs and grommets section for solid and drilled, cork and rubber bungs. Approx 5 litres if filled to the top, however, for fermenting wine, it is recommended only to fill to the shoulder, until fermentation has died down, then top up to the neck.


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Weight 8kg