Hand Capper (Emily)

The Emily hand capper is a two-handed capper for sealing bottles with crown caps, up to 26mm in size. The capping bell has a magnet to hold the crown cap in place, simply lower the capper over the bottle's neck until the cap seats on the bottle's top, then lower both handles until they are horizontal, to crimp the cap in place and seal the bottle. Lift the arms again to remove the capper.

Please note that after capping, you may notice a small circular mark on the top of the cap. This is caused by the hole in the bell for the magnet. It does not affect the sealing of the caps in any way.

This capper can also cap 29mm crown caps, as used on champagne bottles and some continental beer bottles. A larger capping bell needs to be purchased, and the plates inside the capper removed, rotated through 180° and re-inserted.



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