Shop Bought Apple Juice Cider Recipe


4.5 litres (1 gallon) of apple juice (can be from concentrate, but pressed is best)

1 tsp of pectolase (to remove pectin)

1 tsp wine tannin (adds bite)

1tsp Malic acid (cider apples have high levels of this, eating apples don't)

Cider or champagne yeast 


Add 4 litres of apple juice, pectolase, tannin and malic acid to a clean, sterilised demijohn or 1 gallon bucket with lid. Ensure the temperature of the mix is above 18°C and below 24°C and sprinkle the yeast onto the liquid's surface. Seal the demijohn or bucket with a bung/lid and airlock and try to keep at 18-20°C. After a few days, once the most vigorous fermentation is over and the froth has subsided, top up with the remaining half litre of apple juice.

Fermentation should take under a week, but may take longer. Once the bubbling of the airlock has stopped, draw off a sample and check the gravity with a hydrometer. It should be around the 1.000 or 0.998 mark. If it's higher than this, say 1.006, leave for a few more days to finish fermenting. 

Once fermentation has definitely finished, siphon into sterilised bottles. If you want fizzy cider, add 1/2 tsp of sugar to each 500ml bottle before siphoning the cider in. For best results, leave the cider in a cool, dark place, to mature for 2-3 months. Serve well chilled and enjoy!

If you want a stronger cider, you can add 200g of sugar to each demijohn, before adding the apple juice. 

*Allegedly called turbo cider, as you don't have to grow your own apples, plus it's a quick and easy method!

I hope you found this guide useful, you can find all the equipment and additives you need for this recipe in the cider-making section of the site.