Little Bottler Complete

The Little Bottler Complete consists of a lever-operated tap and bottling stick, with a plastic joining piece. It makes light work of any bottling job, enabling you to fill every bottle to the same level, without splashing or any risk of oxidation. The tap can be fitted to a fermentor by drilling a 25mm hole, and then securing with the back nut. Insert the sterilised joining collar into the tap's spout, then push the bottling wand into the collar. The bottling stick can also be used with 5/16" syphon tubing for demijohns or other vessels where a tap cannot be fitted.
To use the bottling stick, open the tap and allow the stick to fill, ensuring that the top of the vessel holding the brew to be bottled is loose enough to allow air to enter. Now bring a bottle up, so that the bottling stick goes inside the neck and touches the bottom.

The valve on the stick is spring loaded, so push the bottle up into the stick to allow your brew to start filling the bottle. Once the liquid reaches the very top of the bottle's neck, lower the bottle and the valve will shut. When you completely remove the bottle from the stick, the liquid level will drop, giving exactly the right head space required, before sealing the bottle with a cork or crown cap.

Even though the valve shuts off automatically, it is advisable to place a container on the floor to catch drips, and any overspills!


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