Mangrove Jack's M42 - New World Strong Ale Yeast

Neutral yeast, with high alcohol tolerance. Suited to IPAs, DIPAS, Porters, Russian Imperial stouts, etc.
Mangrove Jack's M42 is a neutral yeast, with high alcohol tolerance, which enables the character of the malts and hops to shine thorough. best suited to IPAs, Porters, Russian Imperial stouts and other beers where a high alcohol level is desired. Ferment at 16-22°C. Ferments a maximum of 23 litres

Attenuation: High (77-82%)
Flocculation: High (5/5)
Alcohol tolerance: 12%

Rehydration instructions: Sprinkle the yeast onto 10-times its weight of sterilized (boiled or bottled) water, at 20-25°C. Do not stir. Allow to rehydrate for 15 mins, then stir vigorously to suspend the yeast. Leave for 5 mins, then add more sterilised water to bring the yeast to the same temperature as the wort, before adding to the wort.



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