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Microbrewery Starter Kit

This microbrewery kit makes a fantastic present for the first-time home brewer, as it contains everything needed to make and store 40 pints of craft beer. This is a great kit and represents real value for money and will enable you to make your first beer within minutes of opening the box! Microbrewery supplied with a 40-pint Young's American Pale Ale, American IPA or American Amber Ale kit.

The Young's Microbrewery kit contains the following items:
  •     33-litre (7 gallon) fermentation vessel
  •     5 gallon pressure barrel
  •     100g of cleaner & steriliser
  •     Long-handled plastic spoon
  •     LCD thermometer
  •     Hydrometer
  •     Trial jar
  •     Syphon tube with tap
  •     Airlock
  •     8g CO2 bulb
  •     CO2 bulb holder
  •     Cap for pressure barrel with pin valve
  •     Tap for pressure barrel
  •     40-pint Youngs American Ale beer kit
  •     Full instructions
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Weight 29kg