Novatwist Wine bottle screw caps (x30)


If you are looking for a replacement wine bottle screw cap, then Novatwist is exactly what you need. Novatwist is an innovative product, which enables you to re-use screw-cap wine bottles, with a 30mm diameter (i.e. will fit most wine bottles). The cap has two parts, the cap and a tamper-evident shroud. Novatwist can be applied by hand (simply push down as hard as you can, then twist to tighten) and give your wine bottles a professional finish.

How to use Novatwist:

The caps are designed to fit 30mm diameter, screw-top wine bottles. They may not fit other bottles, such as spirit bottles or juice/cordial bottles. Novatwist work best on bottles which have at least two rows of threads. If your bottle only has a single row of thread, then the cap may not work as expected. To fit the cap, push down hard until you hear a click, then hand-tighten. Do not over-tighten as the cap may then jump off the threads and may need to be replaced. Bottles fitted with Novatwist do not need to be stored on their sides.

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