Plum brandy recipe


Plum Brandy Recipe

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1kg plums 

175g of sugar 

1 litre of brandy 

2-3 cinnamon sticks 

Optional - Pieces of Orange or lemon peel


Wash the plums, discarding any bruised or rotten fruit. 

Cut each plum in half and remove the stone. Freeze the plums overnight, then defrost, then place the fruit into a large pickle jar or wide-necked bottle. Add the sugar, then add the cinnamon sticks and peel. 

Pour in the brandy, ensuring all the fruit is covered. Put a lid on the jar and give it a good shake to dissolve the sugar. Over the next few days or weeks, shake the jar once a day, until all the sugar has dissolved. 

Once all the sugar has dissolved, place the jar in a cool dark place and leave to mature for 3-4 months. Once mature, strain the liquid off into sterilised bottles, using muslin, or a coffee filter.

Server the plum brandy as an aperitif. The fruit can be served over ice cream, with a little of the brandy!


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