Plum wine recipe


Plum Wine Recipe (4.5 litres / 1 gallon)



Wash and drain the plums, then halve them and remove the stones. For best results, place the fruit halves in a bag and freeze for 24 hours, then allow to thaw. Place the plum halves in a sterilised bucket with a lid. Add the crushed campden tablet, pectolase, sugar and 4.5 litres of water, place lid on the bucket and leave for 24-48 hours. If you don't want to use a campden tablet, boil up 4.5 litres of water, and pour this over the fruit, as this should kill any yeast, bacteria, etc.

On day two, mash the plums with a sterilised potato masher, then sprinkle on the yeast and yeast nutrient. Leave for half an hour, then give the mixture a stir with a sterilised plastic spoon.

Re-cover and leave for four days, giving it a stir twice a day.

After four days, using a sterilised straining bag or nylon strainer, along with a sterilised funnel, strain the liquid into the demijohn.  Fit a bung and airlock and allow to ferment out.

Once fermentation has finished, siphon into a second sterilised demijohn, leaving the sediment behind. Allow to mature for a minimum of three months, then check for sediment. If required, rack the wine off the sediment into a clean demijohn. Allow to mature for up to a year (i.e. 9 more months), before bottling.

If you want to give your wine extra body, consider using red wine enricher - one small can per gallon.


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