Sloe wine recipe


Sloe wine recipe (makes 1 gallon / 4.5 litres)


How to make:

Finely chop up the raisins in a blender. Mash the sloes with a potato masher or end of a rolling pin, to break the skins. Place the sloes and raisins into a 5 litre fermentation bucket along with the ginger, if using. Add the sugar, citric acid, wine tannin and pour on 3 litres of boiling water, stirring until all the sugar has dissolved. Now add the red grape juice, grape juice concentrate and yeast nutrient. Allow the mixture to cool to 20-25°C, then add the yeast. Place a lid and airlock on the bucket and ferment on the pulp for 10 days, stirring daily.

After 10 days, strain the liquid into a clean, sterilised demijohn, topping up to 4.5 litres / bottom of the neck. Fit a bung and airlock and allow to ferment out. Once fermentation is complete, rack into a clean, sterile demijohn and allow to mature for up to one year, before bottling.


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