Wine Kits

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Wine kits are the easiest way to make your own wine at home. Wine kits are available in two sizes; either 6-bottle (4.5 litres / 1 gallon), or 30-bottle (23 litres / 5 gallons), although most are only available as 30-bottle kits. When it comes to wine making kits, you really do get what you pay for, so if you're after a decent wine you need to look at the upper end of the price range. However, the cheaper kits will produce a perfectly drinkable table wine.

Premium wine kits, such as Beaverdale contain high-quality grape juice made from wine-making grapes and don't require the addition of any sugar - simply add water and the supplied yeast. Some kits, such as Cellar 7 wine kits, will produce a wine in around a week, although some other kits take longer.

Budget / value wine kits, generally contain less grape juice concentrate and often require the addition of sugar.

While most kits will claim that the wine is drinkable straight away, all wine will benefit from at least two month's maturing - if you can wait that long!

Country wine is a wine that doesn't use grape juice, but instead is made with sugar, fruit, flowers and even vegetables!

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