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All our yeasts are stored in a refrigerator, to maximise the shelf life. Liquid yeasts are shipped to us with ice packs to keep them cold during transport.

Yeasts don't just turn the sugars into alcohol, they can have a tremendous impact on the flavour and character of the beer. For instance many lager-style beer kits actually use ale yeasts, so that you can ferment them at a typical room temperature of 18-20°C. However, for a great lager, try swapping the supplied yeast for a dedicated lager yeast and fermenting at around 12°C instead.

Using different yeasts, you can add all kinds of interesting flavours to your beer, from spicy to fruity, while for those making wheat beers, a dedicated German wheat beer yeast would be ideal.

Try swapping a beer kit yeast for Safale S-04, which is a popular ale yeast, resulting in a fast fermentation and good sediment production, resulting in a clearer beer.